Castor Mound Snare Set

The castor mound set is a versatile set that can be used with just about any device designed to catch beavers.  Snares are a cheap, lightweight option for trapping beavers, and they can be just as effective as any other trap.  Add an extension cable and some castor scent and that’s all you need to catch beavers.  That’s what makes snares a great option for beginning trappers.

Once you find a good location, which can be just about anywhere whether there’s already a mound or not, you need to find something to anchor your extension cable to.  Then attach your snare to your extension cable.

Your options for attachment could be S hooks, swivels, or quick links.  Swivels are a good options because the more swiveling you can get the better, just to prevent any kind of failure and loss of a catch.  It can be tough to quickly change snares out though.  If you’ve got a snare swivel on both you’re snare and extension cable quick links are a good option, and are quick and easy to open and close.

I’ve tried spring links in the past and have had decent success with them.  They are very quick and easy to operate, but are less reliable than say quick links.  My preference would be quick links, and for added security you can give the screw section a twist with pliers to ensure it doesn’t come open should you make a catch.

Back to the set, once your snare is anchored with a 9-10″ loop, grab a handful of mud and debris to place on the bank as a mock castor mound about 2 feet above your snare.  Put some scent on the mound and you’re almost ready to go.   In case you’re expecting rain you can put a big leaf over your scent for a little waterproofing.

To finish it off you need to put your fencing in place.  This will direct the beaver right into your snare.  You can use sticks to create a funnel affect, starting out wide and narrowing down right to your snare.  Some beavers may shy away from a lot of fencing if they have experienced trapping pressure in the past.  In this case you need to be more particular about choosing your set location and more discrete with your fencing.  Regardless, fencing is a huge advantage when trapping beavers and whenever possible it should be used to your advantage.