Castor Mound Set

The castor mound set is a simple set for catching beavers, yet it can be one of the most effective.  Its quite versatile too, you can use an existing castor mound, or make one of your own in a location that best suits your situation.  Either way, if there are beavers in the area and you put out a foreign castor scent, you will get the beaver’s attention.  Watch the video below to see how to construct a castor mound set.

And see that the set actually works in this video

To create this set all you need is a foothold trap, some castor scent, and an area with beavers.  You can use an existing mound, and simply place your trap in the slide that is already present.  Anchor your drowning system off, throw some fresh mud on top of the existing mound and place some castor scent on top and its ready to go.

If you’re creating a new castor mound, there is a little more work, but not much.  You first locate a good set location, keeping in mind that you will need water deep enough to drown your catch (depending on your chain length your depth may vary from 18-36″ minimum).  Then use your boot to kick out a slide that looks fresh, like a beaver has been coming in and out of the water regularly.  You may also need to use your boot to form a shelf for your trap to rest on.  You always want to be sure your trap is firmly bedded.

Next put your anchoring system in place, be it a long chain, drowning rod/cable, whatever you choose.  Once your trap is securely anchored you can put it in place, giving it a good wiggle to make sure its firm.  Then you want to grab several handfuls of mud and debris from the bottom of the stream/swamp/lake and put it in a mock mound about 2 feet from the water’s edge.  Place a dab of castor scent on top of the mound and you are almost done.  If you’re expecting rain, a good tip for ensuring you maintain some scent on your mound you can place a large leaf over your castor scent.

The last step is fencing.  This simply means putting obstacles in place to block any path the beaver could take except where you want him to travel.  Some animals seem to dislike fencing and shy away from too much, but for the most part beavers seem oblivious to fencing.  This is a big benefit to trappers as you can direct the beaver exactly where you want him to go.  Once your fencing is in place the set is ready to go.  All you need to do is sharpen your skinning knife and wait for tomorrow!